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Princess Royal Colliery

This was first galed to the Priest brothers in 1842, but did not prove very profitable and had a succession of owners before the Princess Royal Colliery Co. Read More

Regulator Colliery

Regulator (or Regulation) Colliery was being worked by James Bennett in 1833, although part of his interest had been sold to the Cheltenham Protector Coal Co. by 1841. Read More

Speculation Colliery

Speculation Level was galed to the Morrell brothers in 1841, but no work was done and it passed to Corneleus Brain around 1847. Read More

Speech House Hill Colliery

The first recorded working of the Royal Forester gale was in the 1830s and 40s by Richard James, but it was bought by the Brain brothers, who had the adjoining... Read More

Speedwell Newbridge Colliery

The Speedwell gale was first worked in the 1730s. In 1881 the western section was leased by Goodrich Langham, who, in partnership with Richard, and later Edward, Searle, began development... Read More

Strip-and-at-it Colliery

The Strip-and-at-it gale was worked by John Harris from 1832. Two pumping engines were in use by 1841, and production was 11502 tons in 1856. Read More

Thatch Colliery

There was a colliery here (Thatched Pit) in 1841, owned by John Lewis. A 198 ft shaft, worked by a horse whim, was used to exploit the Coleford High Delf... Read More

The Mines Trails Walks

In conjunction with the Forest of Dean Group of the Ramblers Association, three ‘Mines Trails’ walks leaflets were produced. Read More

The Roll of Honour Memorial Volumes

As another element of the Project, details of the mining fatalities, and the list of Freeminers were recorded in four leather-bound ‘Roll of Honour’ volumes. Read More

The Roll of Honour Sculpture

Colloquially known as ‘The Miners Memorial’, more correctly known as the ‘Roll of Honour Sculpture’ Read More

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