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Hopewell in Wimberry Colliery

Hopewell in Wimberry (or Wimbelow) Colliery was owned by James Teague in the 1790s, and was in the hands of Peter Teague in 1841, when about 25 tons of coal... Read More

Howbeach Colliery

Howbeach was galed to Moses Teague in 1831. The colliery was also known as Howbeach (or Howbitch) Engine and Dr Teague's Pit. Read More

Lightmoor Colliery

The gale was awarded to Moses Teague and William Crawshay in 1841, although work had begun in about 1832, and there were two shafts by 1835. Read More

Lydbrook Colliery

Lydbrook Colliery comprised three gales (Lydbrook Deep Level, Birchen Grove and Pluds'), the history of which are complex. Read More

Meadow Cliff Colliery

Roberts Folly gale was granted to Henry Roberts in 1843, but it appears to have already been well worked over (hence the name) and was surrendered in 1848. Read More

Miners Glossary

The Forest of Dean has a rich and distinct industrial history. Coal was recorded as being dug in the Forest in the mid 1240s, but its extraction was of secondary... Read More

Miners Memorial Record Set

This downloadable record set forms part of the Miners Memorial Project and contains records of fatal accidents which occurred in Forest of Dean Mines in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Read More


The Forest of Dean’s rich industrial history is a direct result of its geology, lying in a basin formed by carboniferous strata and almost coterminous with fields of coal and... Read More

Monument Free Mine

Formerly known as Hayners Bailey or Bixslade Free Mine, Monument Mine (named after the nearby Union Pit Disaster Memorial) is currently (2002) the only free mine producing coal in the Forest. Read More

Morse's Level

Morses Level was driven by George Morse, a free miner of Yorkley, in about 1832 to work the Yorkley Seam of the Pennant Group. Read More

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