World War I

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As you may know Chair Cecile Hunt, and Keith Walker have been heading up a society project looking at the impact World War One had on the Forest. A big thank you to the volunteers who have already done lots of research and produced material for use in an exhibition at the Dean Heritage Centre, Soudley, see the news section for more details.  Keith and Cecile have spent many hours working closely with the Centre in regard to the exhibition.  It is now open in Gallery 41, and runs from 27 June to Sunday 14th September - please do go and see it; make everybody's time and effort worthwhile - it would be nice to have some feedback from members as to their thoughts on the content of the exhibition. 

The Centre applied for, and got, a grant which enabled the research supplied by members to be professionally produced onto interpretation panels.  Cecile also made a recording, which has been illustrated and edited by Keith, it runs on a loop and tells, briefly, the story of Cecile's Grandfather who returned from the war severely injured. On the 2nd & 3rd of August there is the WW1 events weekend at the Centre. Cecile and Keith will be manning a stand in Gallery 41 - please do come and see them. There is still time to join our volunteer research group to add to the material already gleaned ready for a book, get in touch with Cecile Hunt if you are interested in joining us.

If you would consider contributing in some way, Keith and Cecile would be very appreciative.  Please go to the contact us page to give your contact details.

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